In addition to full service artist management, Steller Creative works with artists on short term projects, helping them to sustain full, well-rounded careers. By working in a hands-on strategic manner with performers at different stages of their creative lives, Steller helps to design roadmaps for musical futures.

Services include:
– Career building & artistic trajectory
– Planning & programming
– Branding & communication strategy
– Project-based consultancy & PR
– Biography writing & revision
– Website review & consultancy
– Workshops in artist management & industry preparation
– Media training for musicians

As technologies develop, what the world needs from artists is constantly evolving. To keep up with this ever-changing landscape, Steller stays flexible yet specialised, with a priority on creative problem-solving. The organisation works in response to the sector, and advocates for empathy in the global arts community. The ongoing mission of Steller Creative is to foster an environment that best enables artists’ creativity.

Steller Creative’s current project-based clients include Wilma & Friends, Inventi Ensemble, Martine Wengrow and Stacey Alleaume.